About Us

Our dream has begun….

   Two Pound Studios is a invitation and design studio in Arizona and Ohio. Founded by us, Annie and Julianna. 2LBs specializes in illustration, hand lettering, & custom designs for weddings, events, and other social correspondence.We attended Bowling Green State University and have been best friends (or “little buddies” as we like to say) since our first painting class together. After both graduating with BFAs in graphic design we parted ways, and, like many friendships, began to lose touch with each other. So we (the two LBs) founded Two Pound Studios. Now we can do what we love and be LBs from across the country! We hope to help other people to stay just as close to their loved ones and we are to ours.
   Our mission at Two Pound Studios is to make sure that ink and paper do not become a lost art. To insure that our understanding of the beauty of the written word is not lost in this electronic age.
   We officially started our shop in 2012 and we couldn’t be more excited! We work from our homes in Arizona and Ohio right now. In the future, we hope to open storefronts where we can meet one on one with clients, teach others how to create beautiful lettering, and employ other designers and artists trying to find their place in the industry — hey, girls can dream right?
Drop us a line at twopoundstudios@gmail.com or on Facebook